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Traditional Bush Tea

Explaining the Process

Succulent Ground Cooked Meats

Food and Beverage

Kohutapu Lodge boasts a full working communal kitchen, which all guests have complete access to. Bring your own food, create your own holiday menu – or let us cook for you! Ground Cooked Hangi Feast can be cooked for bookings of 10 people or more. Those guests staying in self contained cottages have their own kitchenette and cooking facilities.
Grocery supplies can be picked up from the Murupara Four Square (15 minutes away), the local store (3 minutes away) and there are local takeaway shops anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes drive away. 
Kohutapu Lodge has a relaxed and fully licensed bar onsite (The Taniwha Bar), and it is not uncommon for us to host "Local Nights" on Fridays. You are welcome to join in for dinner and drinks! Buffet menu changes regularly.


Help prepare your meal and join us for a traditional ground-cooked Hangi feast!
Our ancestors have been cooking this way for centuries, and their techniques have been passed down generations to ensure we are able to still enjoy the succulent, smoky, earthy flavours of the juicy hangi meats and vegetables slow cooked beneath the ground. See the food being set on hot rocks in an earthen pit, before being covered with wet sacks and dirt where it will cook for up to 3 hours! The hangi is not only a mouth-watering buffet feast, but an opportunity for you to join in with us, your hosts, and celebrate during this communal and social feasting event!

POA (including dessert) for groups of 10 people or more.

Home Cooked Meals featuring indigenous cuisine

Let us cook for you! Your hosts love hunting and gathering their own food from the land, so chances are your home cooked meal could feature locally sourced, fresh produce. Seasonality will dictate menus, however could feature wild venison, wild pork, smoked eel, watercress, pikpiko and more. If your tastes are not as adventurous, plenty of other options are available.
Menu changes regularly, so please advise dining preferences upon booking.

 Starting from $35pp (Conditions apply)

Self Cater

With a fully contained communal kitchen, you are welcome to bring your own food, and cater your own meals during your own time.

The Taniwha Bar

Fully licensed bar facility available onsite – overlooking the lake, a great place to sit at the end of the day and share a cold beverage and a good yarn with your hosts, locals or fellow guests. Buffet menu changes regularly.